Download SID Songs

Aku Anak Indonesia

All Angels Cry

Anger Inc

Bad Bad Bad

Bangkit & Percaya

Beyond This Honesty

Black Market Love

Broken Guidance

Bukan Pahlawan

Burn For You (Graveyard Blues Vodkabilly)

Cerita Semalam

Citra OD

Close To Fly Away

Dramatic Country

Disposable Lies

Ephedrine King

Falling Down

Future Disgrace


Goodbye Whiskey

Great Dream Of Society

Hanya Hari Ini

Here I am

It’s All Right

Jadilah Legenda

Jiggy Jig

Jika Kami Bersama

Kings, Queen & Poison

Kuta Rock City

Lady Rose

Long Way To The Bar

Luka Indonesia

Marah Bumi

Memories Of Rose

Menginjak Neraka

Menuju Temaram

Money Money Money

Musuh Sahabat

Muka Tebal

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Nights Of The Lonely

Outsider (We are Outsiders)

Poppies Dog Anthem



Punk Hari Ini

Punk Rock Lawrider

Rock ‘N Roll Band

Runaway Stripper

Saint Of My Life

Strong Enough

The Days Of A Father

This Is Unlove


TV Brain

Twice In Paradise



White Town

Why Friendly


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